I’m sure you have heard much Social Bookmarking. What is it exactly? When you list a site in your bookmark list, anyone looking for that same type of information can do a search at the bookmark site and find the sites that you have bookmarked. It is like a search engine without all the trash.

With Social Bookmarking. For Social Bookmarking: if you have a category on your browser for clothing and you come across a site you might well bookmark it and place it in that category. One of the other great features about these bookmarking sites is that your social bookmarks are with you wherever you go and not only on your own computer!.

While social bookmarking is a good hobby imagine if you could replace the website option with blogs?. There are many different types of online communities that you can join and most will help you get a certain amount of traffic to your site. Social bookmarking is a way of showing what interests you share with the rest of webkind.

According to http://del. icio. us your page goes on the front page (I’ve yet to see any of mine though) and also is filed away under sub-indexing using those all-important tags. If you have a site there are plenty of interesting tools that will help you make it easy for your visitors to bookmark your content. BookmarkingDemon is a good one. Check out http://www. trafficwebsecrets. com/socialbookmarking/bookmarking_demon. html.

But by organizing your bookmarks online; you can help yourself (getting organized/ getting my content exposed) and help others at the same time to finding great content. All social bookmarking sites have a list or cloud of the tags created by users – and each user has an individual page with his or her own tags. Social bookmarking sites also help you to meet other people who are interested in the same topics you are and who may also have knowledge of web resources that you don’t. . Put Social Bookmarking on Autopilot!