Before you even consider the type of business you are going to have, you should have an idea of the type of net marketing strategies you plan to use. If you don’t have a plan for marketing, your business is going to fail–if not fail, it will certainly be less profitable that it could be if you had made use of a marketing strategy. The key to developing a good net marketing strategy is to treat your online business the same way you would treat a brick and mortar business because in truth, it is the same. Simply because you don’t have a building doesn’t make your business any less professional. Thus, from the onset, begin with a marketing plan that you allow your business to be seen by as much traffic as possible.

If you aren’t familiar with all of the net marketing strategies, you can consider any of these


* Opt-in list that allows you to promote your business

via email

* Submission of your website to the search engines

* Online classified advertisements

* Using a signature line in your email–allows every message you send to be an advertisement leading readers to your website

* Use your signature line in forums to which you belong whenever allowed. It’s a subtle way of promoting, but any forum owners still frown upon it.

* Link exchanges

* Free for all pages

You notice there was no mention of using people’s names that you just happen across because that is considered spam. You can, however, contact them to ask for permission to send any advertising material. This is a one-time shot–if they don’t respond, you do not have permission to continue to contact them to ask. In this case consider the lack of response as a “no. ”

Being on the net does not mean you cannot advertise locally using flyers, dropping off business

cards, and newspaper advertisements, telephone solicitations, and in person visits. Even if your

product is only online, keep in mind that more that half of people today have home computers. In addition, if your product is one that businesses can use as well, almost 100 per cent of businesses are online. By failing to tap into your local market, you may be eliminating a large source of potential business. You don’t want to leave any marketing concept untouched.

Although the majority of your net marketing will be directed to online advertising, you want to touch on all the possibilities. Several newspapers also have an online presence and run classified advertisements. Unlike the free advertisements, you will find more of a market for your product or service in these types of markets. In addition, when you pay for advertisements, you will have more luck with it than the free advertisements because your ad will have a higher ranking and people are more likely to read it as they are reading the rest of their online newspaper.