You’ve likely read dozens of articles on why you should use certain Internet marketing strategies. The good news is many of them seem to have potential so you begin the art of Internet marketing.

However, this article is intended to point out those Internet marketing strategies that just do not work. I know what you’re thinking – you’re wondering if you might be on the wrong track and perhaps you’ve been wasting your time. Hopefully this article will help clear things up for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Here is a strategy that just doesn’t work (if you do not use it). Far too typically online, business owners work hard to develop an SEO strategy that encompasses Meta title information as well as keyword rich content only to abandon the idea at any point. SEO WILL NOT WORK if you do not keep at it.

Calendar of Events – This strategy is also problematic – especially if you list events that were outdated more than a year ago. Usually a calendar of events page starts out with great intentions, but gets lost in the shuffle at any point. If no one updates the calendar and you’re not hearing from customers it’s quite possible your customers are going elsewhere because the site feels very old somehow. If you’re unable to keep up with changing time sensitive information it might be in your best interest to remove it from your site altogether.

Site Design – As a business owner you have the right to fine-tune your website as typically as you need to. Right? Well your site design tells your customer a lot about you. If the site looks like it’s been thrown together it tells the customer to move along. So, Site Design is a strategy that doesn’t work if you do not ultimately care about putting your best face forward.

Glitz & Glam – Many site designers are being deluged with requests for upscale Flash design that may include graphic and animation combinations with a twist of audio thrown in for fun. You might need to ask yourself if the primary target for your site care about content – or a few bells and whistles. If the add-ons do not contribute to the effectiveness of your website in reaching customers it may also be a strategy that is just not useful.

Some Internet marketing strategies do not work because you have not given them enough time to make an impact. Other Internet marketing strategies may not work with the target audience you’re attempting to reach. Essentially, there are marketing strategies that do not work because they require consistent upkeep. Learn to tell the difference and your marketing strategies will improve.