Here’s the scoop. My passport is blue and has a cool picture of an eagle holding an olive branch (I think) and any arrows (although it is probably safe to say that it feels more comfortable using the arrows than the olive branch). What kind of assumptions about me can you derive from that little piece of information? Well, you should know that I love peanut butter. Which in turn should lead you to believe that I also really am a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s right peanut butter and jelly, not one without the other. There are lots of things like this in life. I could give a short list of examples here and then try to have the last one be funny, but that would be just too predictable, so make up your own.

Last week though, something interesting happened. I bought blackberry flavored jam, enthusiastically anticipating my next tasty sandwich. But, when I put it together and took my first bite I realized that I did not like that combination at all. In fact, I preferred just peanut butter, completely disregarding the jelly. This is how I feel about the net and advertising.

It doesn’t require much time online to understand that these two entities are as inseparable as anything that you have on the list you made a moment ago. But, that doesn’t mean that I have to like it. Being online I like and there is any really cool advertising that I like, but the marriage of both the net and advertising seems to create diluted and weakened products as contrasted to their original standing. What’s the point? Probably none, as no separation of the online advertising and the net will take place, but I do feel a little better. However, perhaps if I was a company that was advertising online I would try to get back to the drawing board and think of how combining these two things could strengthen them both.